Boost Systems Announces Transport Canada Certification of Bell 206L HEC Dual Hook

Boost Systems Announces Transport Canada Certification of Bell 206L HEC Dual Hook

North Vancouver, BC – Oct 7, 2019 – Transport Canada has approved the Boost Human External Cargo System for installation on the Bell 206L series, adding to the currently approved types on Boost Human External Cargo Systems’ Canadian STC SH15-39.

The Bell 206L series (L, L-1, L-3, and L-4) join the Bell 407 and Airbus AS350/55 series as approved helicopter types for the Boost HEC Dual Hook System.  FAA acceptance of the new type addition is in process.

“We’re excited to announce a fully certified HEC Dual Hook system for our existing and future customers operating the Bell 206L series,” said Derek Thomas, President of Boost Systems. “Boost is working hard to offer our industry leading HEC Dual Hook system for additional helicopter types and geographical regions.”

The Boost Human External Cargo system is the most extensively used approved HEC Dual Hook system in operation. Fully certified to the latest FAR 27.865 HEC standards (including optional approved PCDS), the system provides the highest level of safety in the industry.

Boost Human External Cargo Systems Inc. is a Canadian company based in North Vancouver, BC, founded to provide rescue, public safety and industry teams with the most advanced, fully certified, safe and reliable Human External Cargo Systems and training. Boost Systems works with top industry engineers, pilots, and technicians to develop systems and training that exceed industry standard and help our users reduce risk exposure and perform their missions safely and efficiently.

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