Boost HEC Systems Receive CAAC Approval

Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada – March 10, 2020: Boost Human External Cargo Systems (, a global industry leader in the provision of the most advanced, fully-certified, Human External Cargo (HEC) Systems and services for the rescue, utility, public safety and defense sectors has received CAAC approval (STC# VST0947) for both its Airbus AS350-AS355 and Bell 407 HEC systems (including Personnel Carrying Device System, or ‘PCDS’) from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

Jeff Yarnold, Vice President of Operations for Boost Systems explains the vital importance of the CAAC approvals of the company’s HEC systems and PCDS for the Chinese marketplace. “Over the past 18 months, Boost Systems has been working closely with several key players in the Chinese energy sector; providing our expertise in helping them better understand the unique equipment and HEC requirements associated with safe and successful operations with which they are involved. With the approval and introduction of our certified and STC’d HEC systems for the Airbus AS350, AS355 and Bell 407 helicopters, we can now fully address the equipment provisioning and training requirements for operators in the Energy, Search and Rescue, Defense and Security, and various utility sectors by ensuring they have access to the most technically advanced, versatile and safe HEC systems available on the market.” 

Even in advance of the CAAC approval, Boost Systems had received requests for HEC general training for flight and operational crews, as well as training specific to the Boost Systems equipment in anticipation of a successful STC application, expresses Yarnold. He continues, stating that his company is now fully prepared to engage with customers throughout the Chinese market in responding to the expanding requirement for HEC systems and training throughout the country via Boost Systems’ in-country sales and distribution representatives.

“Boost Systems’ mission is to advance the safety, capacity, technology and availability of certified and compliant human external cargo equipment used by rescue and utility operators around the globe; augmented by industry-leading training programs,” says Derek Thomas, President of Boost Systems. “We remain committed to working with the leading industry experts and helicopter operators to develop and deliver best-in-class HEC products to the global marketplace.”

Boost Systems offers HEC systems for the AS350, AS355, H125, Bell 206L, Bell 407 and MD500 helicopters. All systems are fully certified and compliant to the latest FAR 27.865 and FAA AC133-1B HEC standards (including optional approved PCDS) and provide the highest level of safety and versatility available to the industry.

Additional helicopter HEC systems under development by Boost Systems and to be available in 2020 include: Bell 212 and Bell 412, and the EC-145/BK-117 helicopters.

Boost Human External Cargo Systems Inc. is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded to provide rescue, public safety & industry teams with the most advanced, fully certified, Human External Cargo Systems & training available.

Boost Systems works with top industry engineers, pilots, &technicians to develop systems & training that exceed industry standards and enables HEC users to reduce risk exposure & perform their missions safely and efficiently.

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