Boost Introduces Generation II HEC Suspension Line System

Vancouver, British Columbia – CanadaOctober 20, 2020:

In keeping with its mandate of ongoing developing of Human External Cargo (HEC) equipment and training that offer optimal safety and innovation; including Human External Cargo (HEC) systems, Personnel Carrying Device Systems (PCDS) and accessory equipment; Boost Human External Cargo Systems (Boost Systems – now introduces its latest innovation – a new and improved HEC Suspension Line System. 

Boost Systems’ new Generation II HEC Suspension Line is the safest, most advanced suspension line system available to HEC crews operating in the powerline industry.

Among its many enhanced safety and design features, the Gen II HEC Suspension Line is fully-encased over the entire length of the line, including splices, in a crystal clear urethane rubber; providing maximum protection without sacrificing the ability to perform visual inspections.

The patent pending design, which is compliant to the requirements of 14 CFR 27.865 / 29.865 for PCDS, also incorporates: 

–  Internal moisture indicator to monitor rope dielectric state

– ≤8.5µA Current Leakage during wet/dry dielectric test @100kVdc for 1 minute (Pass Criteria <50µA) 

– Removable end bumpers for rope eye inspections 

– 17-4PH Stainless Lifting Shackles 

– 1320 lbs (600 kg) HEC Working Load Limit 

Jeff Yarnold, Vice President-Operations says, ‘The development of our new Gen II HEC Suspension Line has been a priority for 2020; as in our consultations with powerline HEC operators, they have continually reinforced the requirement to have lines that meet the dielectric criteria being demanded by contractors across the US and Canada. Therefore, we felt an obligation to the industry to promptly develop and provide that essential HEC tool to help ensure safe and efficient powerline helicopter operations for our customers.”   

Dave McGrath, Senior Director of Business Development and Sales for Boost Systems is excited to offer the Generation II suspension line to his customers. He explains that an increase in inquires for such a product over the past 6 months has activated as a motivator to expedite development and bring the lines to market. “We are confident that our innovative design addresses all regulatory and safety considerations for powerline HEC operators and will be broadly accepted by the industry, and we look forward to placing our Gen II HEC lines in the hands of the operators to assist them in their safe and efficient operations.” 

All Boost Systems HEC systems, including those for the Airbus AS350 & AS355, Bell 206 & 407 (212/412 pending) and MD500 series  and PCDS are fully certified and compliant to FAR 27.865 and FAA AC133-1B HEC standards.

Additional helicopter HEC systems under development by Boost Systems include the Airbus H135/145 and helicopter/ BK-117.

Boost Human External Cargo Systems Inc. is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded to provide rescue, public safety & industry teams with the most advanced, fully certified, Human External Cargo Systems & training available.

Boost Systems works with top industry engineers, pilots, &technicians to develop systems & training that exceed industry standards and enables HEC users to reduce risk exposure & perform their missions safely and efficiently.

For more information:

Boost Systems Toll Free: +1 888 851 4014