BOOST Systems hires Michael Petsche as VP of Engineering

North Vancouver, BC – March 08, 2022 – Boost Systems, the global leader in fully certified Human
External Cargo Systems, Personal Carrying Device Systems and related Training Services is pleased to
announce that Michael Petsche has joined Boost Systems as vice president of engineering. Petsche has
over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry and is a Transport Canada Design Approval

Petsche’s interest in rotorcraft started when he worked on the 429 program with Bell Helicopter. From
there he went to DART Aerospace as director of engineering and gained valuable experience in aircraft
certification, STCs and the helicopter industry as a whole.

“After leaving DART, I continued in the helicopter STC realm. In 2016, I became a Transport Canada
Design Approval Representative. In 2018 I started MPDAR, where, for nearly 4 years I have been an
independent DAR, consulting and obtaining STC’s for customers in both the rotary and fixed wing
industries. This is how I began my relationship with BOOST,” explains Petsche.

“I have been consulting for BOOST for nearly two years. We developed a great rapport very quickly.
After being self-employed for several years, I never thought I’d ever go back to working for another
company. But BOOST are the real deal. They themselves are pilots and are actually the ones hanging
from the helicopters to help people. I’m thrilled to be able to be part of a team that is out in the “real
world”. I believe that my background in product development, and certification of equipment
specifically for helicopters makes this a natural fit.”

Boost Systems offers a complete line of TCCA and FAA certified HEC systems for a wide range of
helicopter models and fully compliant accessories including approved PCDS (Personnel Carrying Device
Systems) and Boost Systems’ Generation II HEC Suspension Lines, which are the safest and most
advanced suspension lines available today. Boost Systems also provides world-class training for HEC

For additional information about Boost Systems, visit our website at, send an
email to or call 1 888 851 4014

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