Airbus AS350/355/H125


Boost’s HEC hook system can transport more people, with more flexibility, saving time and cutting costs. The quick-release hook assembly installs in the field in minutes and can remain on the helicopter through refueling and positioning flights, allowing teams to maximize helicopter time and gain efficiency.

  • Installed in minutes as an elementary task, the system accommodates up to 1,320 lbs (approx 600kg)
  • Fully compliant with the FAA's recent AC133-1B and 27.865 requirements
  • Controlled by the pilot
  • Makes spotter and door removal optional (no belly-band)
  • Primary and back-up releases are DAD (dual activation devices)
  • Primary release on the cyclic
  • HEC hook assembly can remain on the helicopter, leaving crew available for other work

The Boost AS350/355/H125 HEC Kit is approved under the following STCs:

  • Transport Canada STC SH15-39
  • FAA STC SR03681NY
  • EASA STC Pending

Kit Includes:

  • HEC Beam-Hook Kit 
  • Mount Kit 
  • Cyclic PQRS Kit 
  • BQRS Control Box 

+ Provisions Kits & Accessories
+ Optional Approved PCDS (Suspension lines, Harnesses, Evac Devices, Lanyards, etc.)