Bell 212/412



  • SAR/Rescue HEC Operations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Cargo transport
  • Utility HEC work including powerline maintenance and forestry operations, etc .

The Boost Bell 212/412 HEC system brings our leading HEC system to Bell medium helicopters.

Boost Systems’ Bell 212/412 Human External Cargo dual hook system is designed & developed to transport more people with enhanced safety, flexibility & capacity, saving time & potentially -- lives. 
For maximum operational ease & versatility, the Bell 212/412 HEC quick-release hook and beam assembly installs in minutes & can remain on the helicopter through refueling & positioning flights - reducing maintenance requirements & optimizing helicopter availability.  

The Boost Bell 212/412 System holds Transport Canada STC# SH20-38, with FAA certification to follow. The system is recommended for use during CFR Part 133 external load missions including:


The bell 212/412 Human External Cargo System consists of:

  • Fixed provision kit
  • HEC hook
  • Compact Hydraulic Primary Quick Release System (PQRS) with Dual Activation Device
  • Electrical BQRS Control Box with Dual Activation Device
  • Optional FAA-Approved PCDS System

Operational value-added features include:

  • Pilot controlled
  • Fully compliant with FAA AC133-1B and 29.865 requirements.
  • Superior, robust beam design offering greater strength and durability.
  • 1100lb/500kg removable hook - HEC Working Load Limit.
  • Removable HEC Hook and beam enables operational flexibility by reducing overall fleet purchase costs (one hook/beam may be shared across Bell 212/412 fleet).
  • Removes need for spotter and door removal (no belly band)