The Boost Systems MD500 Series Human External Cargo System (HEC) dual hook systems is designed and developed to transport more people with more flexibility and capacity, saving time and potentially -- lives. 

The quick-release hook assembly enables field installations in just minutes as an elementary task, and the hook can remain installed during refueling and positioning flights, reducing maintenance requirements and optimizing helicopter operational availability. 

The MD500 HEC system holds Transport Canada Supplemental Type Approval (STC# SH20-2 --  FAA STC# SR04539NY) and is recommended for CFR Part 133 external load missions including:

  • SAR
  • Law Enforcement
  • Rescue HEC operations
  • Cargo transport
  • Utility HEC work including powerline maintenance and forestry operations, etc .

The MD500 Human External Cargo System consists of:

  • Fixed provision kit
  • HEC hook
  • Compact Hydraulic Primary Quick Release System (PQRS) with Dual Activation Device
  • Electrical BQRS Control Box with Dual Activation Device (multiple mounting options).
  • Optional FAA-Approved PCDS System

Operational value-added features include:

  • Pilot controlled
  • Fully compliant with FAA AC133-1B and 27.865 requirements.
  • Superior, robust Beam design offering greater strength and durability.
  • 900 lb/410kg removable hook - HEC Working Load Limit.
  • Removable HEC Hook enables operational flexibility by reducing overall fleet purchase costs (one hook may be shared across MD500 helicopters).
  • Removable HEC Hook reduces the risk of connecting to the wrong hook during non-HEC operations.
  • Hook Spacing avoids unintentional hook contact and risk of damage and/or inadvertent release during  flight.
  • HEC Hook “Stopper Plug” for installation when not performing HEC operations.
  • Integrated aluminum stopper to prevent fuel tank penetration during a vertical impact.
  • Removes need for spotter and door removal (no belly band)