Airbus AS350/355/H125 – 1100 lb HEC System

Our AS350/355 kit provisions install quickly and easily – once installed, the mission kit (dual hook and load beam) are installed and removed within minutes. The HEC kit may remain installed at all times for operational convenience if desired.

HEC Beam-Hook Kit P/N B1310-4133
Mount Kit P/N 1310-0501/0503
Cyclic PQRS Kit P/N B1310-0507
BQRS Control Box P/N B1310-0221/0231

NEW Dual Hook Beam Kit available for winter operations.
Swing cage not required.

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Y-Rope P/N B1310-4201
Longline P/N B1310-4211
Y-Longline P/N B1310-4213

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Approval STC NumberAC Approved
TCCASH15-39H125, AS350 B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D, AS355 E/F/F1/F2/N/NP
FAASR03681NYH125, AS350 B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D, AS355 E/F/F1/F2/N/NP
EASA10081304H125, AS350 B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D, AS355 E/F/F1/F2/N/NP
+ Fully compliant with FAA AC133- 1B & 27.865 requirements.
+ Pilot controlled removable hook with 1,100 lb/ 500 kg HEC Working Load Limit.
+ Primary & backup releases both include DAD (dual activation devices).
+ Primary Quick Release System (PQRS) release conveniently installed on the cyclic stick.
+ HEC hook can remain installed for non-HEC work to negate downtime for reconfiguration.
+ Removes need for spotter & door removal (no belly band).
+ Installed in minutes as an elementary task.


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