Airbus H125/AS350/355 – Quick Release CARGO BASKET

The BOOST Basket offers the largest cargo capacity of all H125/AS350/AS355 baskets available on the market today. With a cargo capacity of 500 lbs per side, the BOOST Cargo Basket is the answer to your operational needs. 

The Cargo Basket can be installed on either side of the aircraft and the quick release installation mechanism allows for installation and removal of the basket without tools, leaving the mounting posts in place on the helicopter. The Cargo Basket itself is made of corrosion- resistant stainless steel coated with scratch resistant white power coat. The basket has a removable hinged lid complete with self-locking handle.

 The kit also includes an integrated aft peg step. Optional Boarding Steps are available to purchase. 

  • Also available in black
  • Load Capacity: 500 lbs per basket / 226.80 kg
  • Volume: 16.1 cu ft / 496 l
  • Length: 93” / 2.36m
  • Width: 21” / 0.53m
  • Depth: 17” / 0.43m
  • Weight: 87 lbs / 39.46 kg
  • Initial Installation Time: 1 hr
Approval STC NumberAC Approved
TCCASH23-6H125, AS350 B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D, AS355 E/F/F1/F2/N/NP
FAASR00184IBH125, AS350 B/B1/B2/B3/BA/C/D, AS355 E/F/F1/F2/N/NP
Part NumberDescriptionPrice and Availability
B350-1013-101BOOST Quick Release CARGO BASKET, LHRequest a quote
B350-1013-102BOOST Quick Release CARGO BASKET, RHRequest a quote


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